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Crafting with Herbs

Crafting with Herbs

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Capture the beauty, fragrance, and power of herbs in these delightful crafts for home and garden.


Why craft with herbs? They're easy to grow, beautiful, fragrant, full of health benefits, and are incredibly versatile! Herbs are best known for their medicinal and culinary uses, but there’s so much more you can do with them. From spray disinfectants to wreaths and garlands, custom herb salts to homemade skincare products, there's something here for every room of your house—and everyone on your gift list! Learn how to make beautiful and useful items such as:


Smudge Sticks

Herb Sachets

Hanging Herbal Swag

Natural Confetti

Herbal Cleaning Vinegars

Herb salts (with recipes for different blends)

Herbal Teas 

Compound Herb Butter

Lavender Neck Wrap

Simple Herbal Balm

And much more!

In addition to the crafts, learn how to grow, prune, harvest, dry, and store your favorite herbs. Woven throughout are helpful tidbits on the wellness properties and history of herbs.


Create useful crafts that will beautify your home and make wonderful DIY gifts!

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